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The Prime Minister will inaugurate the railway on February 2, which will be a combination of air and land

Correspondent: Sheikh Tahna Yachmin Mitu: After just inaugurating the costly Metro rail, the construction of the second phase of the metro rail movement in the capital is going to start soon. If everything goes well, Prime Minister Sheikh Hainan will inaugurate the railway on February 2.

The 31.24 km stretch from Kanchan Setu in the capital of Bangladesh to Kamalapur will be known as Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Line-1. The path will have two parts. Out of this, 19.87 km will go underground. The remaining 11.37 km will be the runway. Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Company Limited (DMTCL), the government organization that manages and operates Metro Rail, confirmed the truth of the information.

However, sources say that DMTCL has been preparing for the construction of this railway for quite some time. For so long, only the prime minister has been waiting to get time. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s time on February 2 has been found. On that day, between 10:00 and 11:00 am, the Prime Minister will participate in the public meeting in the ground adjacent to Janata High School in Purbachal. He will inaugurate the construction of this project from that gathering.

Sources of Metrorail construction company DMTCL say that the depot of MRT Line-1 will be constructed in Pitalganj, Rupganj, Narayanganj. Later the work of the underground passage will be started. If this work progresses a little, the work of the flying part will also be started. At one point, the work of the two parts above ground and above ground will continue together.

According to the information available from the Metrorail construction project documents, eight lakh passengers will be able to travel every day when the construction of this project is completed in 2026 as planned. It will be possible to transport a large number of passengers in a short time. The use of small vehicles will decrease significantly. The use of fossil and liquid fuels will be reduced. A different dimension and speed will be added to the lifestyle of Dhaka metropolis. Working hours of city dwellers will be saved.

The construction cost of MRT Line-1 has been estimated at Tk 52 thousand 561 crore 43 lakh. Of this, Japan International Development Agency (JICA) will give 39 thousand 450 crore 32 lakh taka. The government will give 13 thousand 111 crore 11 lakh taka.
This time, the railway will be a combination of air and land

The length of the lower part will be 19.87 km and the length of the runway will be 11.37 km. One route will start from the airport and go through Airport Terminal 3-Khilkhet-Nadda-Natunbazar-Uttar Badda-Bada-Aftabnagar-Rampura-Malibag-Razarbag to Kamalapur.This is basically the subway route. The route of the flight will start from Nabinbazar and end at Pitalganj Depot via Nadda-Joar Sahara-Boalia-Mastul-Sheikh Hasina Cricket Stadium-Poorbachal Centre-Poorbachal East-Poorbachal Terminal.

Where will the 21 stations of Udal Setu be?
MRT Line-1 will have 21 stations along its entire route. Airport route stations will be Airport, Airport Terminal 3, Khilkhet, Nadda, Nabhubazar, North Badda, Badda, Aftabnagar, Rampura, Malibagh, Rajarbagh and Kamalapur areas.The stations on the Purbachal route will be at Nabunbazar, Nadda, Joar Sahara, Boalia, Mastul, Sheikh Hasina Cricket Stadium, Purbachal Centre, Purbachal East and Purbachal Terminal areas.

Where will Udal Patal 12 station be?
There will be 12 stations on the underground and 9 stations on the runway. Among them, Nabhabazar and Nadda stations will be built underground as part of two airport routes.

Why make this subway in Bangladesh?
According to DMTCL sources, from the experience of construction of MRT Line-6, it can be seen that the areas where the traffic density is high, during the construction of Udal Metro Rail Road, there is more public suffering. Purbachal has not yet become a full-fledged city. So Purbachal route is being constructed as Udal. And the airport route will be by subway.

New 25 trains increase passenger transport capacity
Each train set of currently functioning Metro Rail consists of six coaches with locomotives (engines). However, MRT Line-1 will be operated first with 25 sets of eight-coach metro trains. However, there will be an opportunity to upgrade to 36 sets of metro trains in future. The capacity of passenger transport will increase as the number of coaches in the train increases. In this case, a maximum of 390 passengers can be transported in each of the six middle coaches and a maximum of 374 passengers in each of the trailer (engine) coaches.

Just 40 minutes from Kamalapur to Purbachal Terminal
DMTCL has set a target of completing the construction of MRT Line-1 by December 31, 2026. According to the information of a survey of the organization, if the train starts running on this route, the train will stop at 12 stations from the airport and reach Kamalapur in 24 minutes and 30 seconds. 9 from new market Stopping at the station, the train will reach Purbachal Terminal in 20 minutes and 35 seconds. And it will take 40 minutes to reach Purbachal Terminal from Kamalapur stopping at 16 stations.

Basically, the preparatory work of this project started in 2019. Meanwhile, the detailed study, survey, preliminary design, detailed design and pre-qualification of all packages of the project have been done.

About 93 acres of land has been acquired at Pitalganj and Brahmankhali Mauza of Rupganj, Narayanganj for the construction of depot and depot access corridor for the second phase Metto rail works. The recruitment of consulting firm to supervise the construction of the project is in the final stage. The construction of the project is being implemented through a total of 12 packages.

Measures to ease traffic congestion during the construction of the second phase Metrorail
A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is in the process of being formulated to decongest traffic during the construction of MRT Line-1. Purbachal route 300 feet runway will be built in the middle of the road. There are service roads on both sides of this road. Like MRT Line-6, the interior construction will be done with solid barrier walls along the middle of the road. Vehicles traveling on this road will be able to travel through the service road.
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