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Messi’s contract with PSG will be extended, along with his salary, the deal is due next week

After showing magic in the World Cup, the director of the club wants to extend the term with PSG. Lionel Messi’s contract with PSG expires in June. Both parties are confident of renewing the contract before this. Argentina’s World Cup-winning star’s father and agent Jorge Messi will arrive at PSG next week ahead of signing a new contract. Will sit in a meeting with the directors of PSG.

Clear for PSG, his father will discuss how many years the new contract will be, what will be the terms of the contract. There will be another topic to discuss. How much will Messi’s salary be if the contract is renewed? Media outlet Marca confirmed last December that Messi and PSG had agreed a contract renewal. All that remains is to finalize and sign.

Messi’s father Marca also said that PSG will offer Messi a huge salary. He currently earns 30 million euros per year after tax from PSG. It will be much higher in the new contract. PSG authorities have said that Messi cannot refuse the new contract offer.

Meanwhile, the media did not clarify how many years PSG’s new contract with Messi will be for a large salary, but it is assumed that a two-year contract renewal will be offered initially. There will also be optional contractual terms. But a new slogan is playing out in Paris. That is, ‘Leo retire in Paris.

Neither the PSG authorities nor the Paris fans would want that. After Messi came to League One, PSG’s income increased dramatically. According to news outlet El Economista, the club has acquired ten new sponsors since Messi’s arrival at PSG. During this period, PSG’s income increased by 700 million euros.

Earlier, PSG’s sponsorship deal was 3 to 5 million euros. Now it has increased to 5 to 8 million. Messi’s first season in Paris saw the club’s jersey sales soar. 60 percent of which were Messi’s number 30 jersey. All in all, the League One champion club is unable to renew the contract with him.

But Messi’s fans want Messi to be more among everyone and show a surprise in the football event.

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