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23 Bangladeshi sailors finally returned home after being freed from Somalia pirates, Eid joy at family home

Finally, after many experiences, the 23 sailors aboard MV Abdullah reached the Chittagong port jetty a month after being freed from Somali pirates. They arrived at New mooring terminal of the port at 4 pm on Tuesday.

Before arriving at Chittagong port, the sailors disembarked from MV Abdullah at Quotidian in Bay of Bengal and boarded MV Jahan Mani-3 lighter ship. From there they reached Newmooring Terminal of Chittagong Port.

MV Abdullah, captured by Somali pirates, anchored at Qutubdia at 6pm on Monday with 23 sailors on board. In this incident, the joy of Eid returned to the house of 23 sailors.

Eid of Muslims in the world has ended long ago. But this year’s Eid was a sad one for the 23 sailors captured by Somali pirates. If the husband is in the hands of the pirates, the joy of Eid is no longer remembered. Eid will be Tuesday in our house. We have cooked so semai. I will buy new clothes. Cooked beef black roast. I also made fish fry. Atiqullah likes these very much’- said his wife Mina Azmin about the plan to welcome her husband Atiqullah.

Abdur Noor Khan Asif, the younger brother of Atiqullah Khan, chief officer of the freed MV Abdullah, said, “I cannot express in words how happy my elder brother and I are.”

Note that on March 12, the MV Abdullah ship was taken hostage by Somali pirates along with 23 sailors. After being held hostage for 32 days, they freed the ship on April 14 with a ransom. After discharging the cargo at Al Hamria port in UAE, the vessel loaded new cargo at another port. After departing from there, the ship arrived in the waters of Bangladesh last Saturday.

Earlier, in 2010, the pirates took hostage the MV Jahan Monik of the same owner group along with the sailors. They were rescued by paying the ransom of Seva. The government also congratulated MV Abdullah when the ship finally reached Bangladesh with 23 sailors without any damage.

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