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Wife’s death due to torture by public works engineer in prison in murder case

Tanha Yesmin Mitu, Staff Reporter: It was reported that his wife Fatema Nasreen (45) died due to the torture of Sakhawat, an engineer in the Public Works Department. After the torture, the neighbors took him to Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital as his condition worsened and he was taken to Neuro Science Hospital in Agargaon, Dhaka where he died while undergoing treatment. She was abused by her husband on March 8. On the same day, her husband engineer Mirza Sakhawat Hossain (49) was arrested by Mohammadpur police station. He is currently in jail.

The dead body of Fatema was taken to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital for post-mortem. After that, the relatives left for Thakurgaon with his body.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased engineer’s wife Fatema said that Fatema-Sakhawat’s family is 19 years old. They have a 17-year-old daughter. Sakhawat had been demanding one crore rupees as dowry for a long time. For not paying this money, he often physically abused Fatima. Sakhawat’s village house is in North Mithapukur of Panchagarh.

He lived with his wife and children at Humayun Road in Mohammadpur of the capital. Worked in Public Works Department in Dhaka. Sakhawat went to Panchgarh with his wife in the first week of last January. He was beaten there too. In this incident, on January 10, she filed a case against her husband in the Panchagarh Sadar police station under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act. Sakhawat was arrested in that case. After that, Fatema moved to her house in Dhaka. Sakhawat came out on bail to Dhaka and tortured again.

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Fatema’s sister Arjina Begum said that on the afternoon of March 8, Sakhawat severely beat Fatema at her house on Humayun Road. Masala Bata was hit on the head with a wooden batla and bled. During the murder attempt, their daughter and cousin took away the cane. On getting the news, they went to the house of their younger brother Sakhawat who lives in another flat in the same building. Fatema was rescued in a bloody state and was first taken to Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital.Doctors said that the back bone of his head was broken. He was shifted to Neuro Science Hospital. He was under treatment at Neuro Science Hospital since that day. Fatema died around 1 pm on Friday.

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When Fatema was rescued and taken to the hospital on March 8 after her husband’s inhumane torture, the relatives informed the Mohammadpur police station. The police arrested him that day for allegedly beating his wife for dowry. That night sister Arjina filed a case of attempted murder against Sakhawat at Mohammadpur police station. He is in jail in that case.

Meanwhile, their only daughter has become speechless due to her mother’s death and father’s imprisonment. Neighbors said he is now in the custody of his aunt.

When I went to Mohammadpur police station to get information, police station OC Abul Kalam Azad said that Fatema died due to her husband’s injuries. The case will now be converted into a murder case.

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