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30 percent of Bangladesh’s population, which is stagnant in Corona, may fall below the poverty line

Message Correspondent: In December 2019 and in the form of an epidemic in February 2020, the world is going to face a terrible financial risk along with the loss of lives all over the world. Bangladesh is not out of it. According to the Ministry of Disaster and Relief, 1 percent of the country’s people are losing new purchasing power every week. They fear that about 30 percent of the population could fall below the poverty line by next June. However, the state minister said the government was fully prepared to deal with the situation.

Economists in Bangladesh say the big challenge is to distribute relief properly.

Meanwhile, in the last few decades, there has not been such a long line to buy cheap trucks from government trucks in the country. This situation is due to a lack of income in the Corona epidemic.

The ordinary working people of the country have lost their financial capacity even earlier. The lower middle class is also in crisis now.

Financial victims trapped in Corona said they could not get out of the house now because of Corona. There is no income. I can’t run the family. You can’t even rent such a house.

The economist said the victims. Nazneen Ahmed said that unemployment is increasing day by day due to the effect of Corona. Due to the stagnant economy, everyone from the lower middle class to the middle class suffers from it.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief says that before the lockdown, 10 percent of the people in the country were below the poverty line. Which has now risen to 20 percent? In June, the number could stand at 30 percent.

About 50 million people from 12.5 million families in Bangladesh may need relief by June. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief has allocated 3 lakh metric tonnes of rice and Tk 3,000 crore.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State for Relief. Enamor Rahman said people from middle-class families say they have run out of savings. We have been able to enlist 91 lakh 33 thousand 8 hundred and 63 families. About 50 million people will be enrolled. We plan to give Rs 2,000 to each family by June 30.

And if the money given by the government to the general public is distributed properly, then the middle class will benefit, experts say.

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