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Monday, June 14বাংলারবার্তা২১-banglarbarta21

Dutch politician congratulates Narayanganj councilor Khorshed for standing by Hindus in Corona

News Correspondent: In the current coronavirus situation in the world, Narayanganj City Corporation’s 13th Ward Councilor Maksudul Alam Khandaker Khorshed was impressed by the human service and work and saluted Bangladesh, said Dutch politician Joram Van Cavern.

At around 11 pm on Wednesday (April 22nd), the Muslim convert posted three photos of a funeral at Masdai’s crematorium on his Facebook page, Joram Van Claveren. He also wrote a status praising Bangladesh. 14,000 likes, 1100 comments, and 6,200 people have shared his status.

After learning about the status of Joram Dan, Councilor Makshudul Alam Khandaker Khorshed shared the set on his Facebook ID on the night of April 22. This post has already gone viral on social media Facebook.

One of the crematorium photos posted by Joram van Claverren shows Narayanganj City Corporation councilor Maksudul Alam Khandaker Khorshed carrying the body of a deceased Hindu man for the funeral, while another shows the same person being cremated and his body being prepared for cremation. Doing. Other members of his team were present at the time.

Joram van Claveren wrote in his post, these pictures are taken from Bangladesh. A Hindu brother died here. But no one from his family came to the funeral. However, a group of Muslims performed his last rites. This is the beauty of harmony and the teachings of Islam. I read such news in India a few days ago.

“I don’t know much about Bangladesh,” he added. As far as I know, this is a Muslim majority country. The country of 175 lakh people is not so rich. However, they have a heart like a sea. Due to which they have been able to provide shelter to about one million Rohingya refugees. I salute this country and these people.

Joram van Claveren also wrote in the last line of his article, “Will India learn anything from them (Bangladesh)!”

Councilor Khorshed is proud to see his respect for Bangladesh with his praise on the Facebook page of a foreign politician. He also expressed his gratitude to Joram van Claveren.

Expressing his feelings in this regard, Councilor Khorshed told Time News, “I have been engaged in human service since the beginning of the coronavirus situation.” I don’t see who is Hindu and who is Muslim. I see it as a human being. People voted for me four times in a row and elected me as a councilor by a huge margin. Out of love, gratitude and sense of responsibility towards them, I have surrendered myself to the service of the people at the risk of my life, ignoring the fear of death.

Khorshed said now is not the time to do politics. Now is the time to repay. If I die in it, that death will be for me.

“I started working against Corona from March 9 by distributing leaflets,” he said. I make 60,000 sanitizers in my office and at home. Expressing interest in burying the body on March 30, I applied to DC. With the permission of the deputy commissioner, I started burial from April 9. To date, we have buried 16 people and buried 5 people from the Hindu community. Councilor Khorshed said that he was satisfied to be able to bury and bury the 23 people who died in Corona and wanted to continue this service till the last day of Corona.

Introduction to Joram van Claveren:

He was born on January 23, 1969, in Amsterdam. He grew up as a liberal reformist Christian and studied theology and teaching at VU University Amsterdam. Joram van Claveren is currently a prominent Dutch politician. He was a Member of Parliament for the Netherlands from 1 June 2010 to 21 March 2014 as a member of the country’s Freedom Party. He remained in the post until his term ended on March 23, 2013.

Joram van Claveren was vocal about the right proportion of the population from apartheid employment, egalitarianism, emancipation, and so on. He was also a provincial member of Flevoland from March 24, 2011, to June 11, 2014. Joram van Claveren was widely known for his anti-Muslim remarks.

However, in October 2016, he converted to Islam halfway through writing an anti-Islam book. Even after converting to Islam, he decided to rewrite his book. His book, Apostate from Christianity to Islam in Times of Secularisation and Terror, was published in Dutch and English.

On March 21, 2014, Van Claveren announced that he was leaving the Freedom Party because he no longer believed in the party’s policies. He made the decision following remarks by party leader Gert Wilder about the Moroccan minority in the Netherlands after the 2014 local elections. However, Van Claveren was still an independent member of parliament. In May 2014, Joram van Claveren, Luis Bontes, and Johann Driesen formed a new conservative political party, For the Netherlands (VNL).
Source: TimeNewsTV

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